Jenny Wilson

Headstomp are representing Jenny Wilson outside of the Nordic countries where she is releasing her Swedish Grammy award winning album "Demand the Impossible!".

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DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! is the powerful testimony of a woman whose career and personal life have experienced life changing conflicts: between individual and society, between body and soul, and even within the body itself. In its poetic dedication to the potential of the individual, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! portrays Wilson's lifelong creative urge to identify herself in a post-modern world with an ugly paradox at its heart: a world where the idea of the individual is prized above all else, but where the voice of the individual has to fight to be heard.

The histories of this fight have a deep, romantic power for Wilson, as she draws from familiar words of revolution in her evocative lyricism: words inspiring in their vision, and necessary in their timeliness. “DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! is set in a dark city, in a boiling night. “I read poets like Dylan, Ginsberg, Nikki Giovanni and Langston Hughes. “Fight” is the resemblance between them. As I worked with this album, I discovered that the body and the city are two kinds of societies. I saw the fighting, the struggle, the uprisings in both. The world is a burning place.”

These ideas may be grand in their designs but they've touched Wilson, and informed the writing process of DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! in myriad ways: “As I dug into the production, I found it super important to have this kind of 'guerilla radio in a sand storm city' feeling to it. I wanted it to be full of anger and rage. I wanted to write with a fury with which I’d never done before. I re-invented
myself as the street prophet, the sharpest and the craziest of all: a person who observes society, the close, the remote, the soul, the universe, who mixes everything into a boiling soup.” A “boiling soup” could not be a more apt as, with its heartfelt lyrics and eclectic re-imagining of pop, electronica and r'n'b, DEMAND THE IMPOSSIBLE! is Wilson's most intense body of work to date, figuring her as a unique figure within the vast landscape of modern pop.


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